At Amber Pharmacy, we live our values of compassion, reliability and respect every day. That means your members receive the best care possible from people who genuinely care for them and you know that we will do what we say we are going to do.

A Whole Health Approach

We believe that patients are best able to focus on their health when all other needs, including financial, emotional and psychosocial, are met and supported. That’s why we do so much more than simply dispense medication. Our combination of clinical expertise and personalized services means that your members aren’t just a number.


We treat patients like family.

patient satisfaction with pharmacy employees

At Amber Pharmacy, we live our company values of integrity, compassion, reliability and respect every day. Our consistently high patient satisfaction scores further demonstrate our commitment to patient-centered care.

Timely and Proactive Communication

Amber Pharmacy’s program protocol offers a high-touch member model that improves adherence through additional interaction and coordination and collaboration with members, prescribers and the health plan.

Moreover, all information communicated between member, provider, healthcare team, and/or the health plan is documented and reportable to demonstrate clinical interventions and cost savings.

“We get complaints from our patients about other pharmacies not shipping meds on time, we have never had any complaints from our patients about you. We love using you.”
— Healthcare Provider
“They are always friendly when they call to check that I am ready to reorder. There is no blue tape, I give them my name and they know who they are talking to and what I am calling about.”
— Amber Pharmacy Patient
“We prefer to use Amber Pharmacy over other specialty pharmacies because you are always kind and helpful.”


— Healthcare Provider

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