Healthy Life Choices to Manage Multiple Sclerosis

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We know you did not expect Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to be a part of your overall life plan. Wherever you are on your health journey, we are your trusted partners offering you quality care and personal support so you continue moving forward with your life.

Multiple sclerosis is considered an auto-immune disease that causes your immune system to attack the Central Nervous System (CNS) including your brain, spinal cord and nerve fibers. This damage interferes with the nerve signals going back and forth between your brain and other body parts. Symptoms vary from person to person and can be very unpredictable.

Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble with Vision
  • Change in feeling and sensation
  • Difficulty with movement

According to the National MS Society, Multiple Sclerosis affects roughly 2.3 million people throughout the world.  The cause of MS is unknown and it may be difficult to diagnose. Currently, there is no cure for MS.  However, with the right treatment, medication and healthy life choices, many people learn to manage their MS and live well with this health condition.

Healthy Choices to Manage MS

Our teams at Amber Specialty Pharmacy are here to support you with many aspects of your health condition and healthcare needs. Managing multiple sclerosis is an ongoing process. The choices you make about your care can impact your overall health. The following are basic suggestions to help manage your MS.

Managing Medication

Medications used to manage and treat MS are taken for a lifetime. They may be an injectable, oral or infused medication given through an IV. It is vital that you work closely with your pharmacist and entire healthcare team. Creating a coordinated plan of care to monitor the effects of your medication will help you manage your condition.

It is important to take your medication regularly and consistently, just as your doctor has ordered. Your Amber Specialty Pharmacy healthcare team can provide additional support to help you take your medicine properly.

Exercise Routines

Regular physical activity can improve overall physical function such as mobility, strength, balance and overall endurance. Activities like walking, swimming, yoga and T’ai Chi are helpful in keeping you physically active. Work with your doctor and a physical therapist or trained healthcare professional to help you meet your physical and functional goals. Improved strength, balance, mobility and good physical condition are important in managing MS.

Emotional Wellness

A positive outlook and good attitude can go a long way. Look for ways to reduce your stress and be aware of how you are feeling each day. Keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts helps to keep you aware of how you are doing day to day can signal questions and concerns to share with your doctor.

Dietary and Nutritional Care

Smart food choices are key to healthy living.  While there is no cure for MS, research continues to focus on nutrition, evaluating the role diet may play in persons with multiple sclerosis. Common tips include eating fresh and natural foods while cutting back on processed foods and saturated  fats.

There are many popular diets today that you may be considering.  Keep in mind, our Registered Dietitian is available to speak with you about creating healthy meal plans while offering professional guidance and support.  You can reach our Dietitian by calling our toll-free number, 888-370-1724.

Partners on Your Health Journey

We understand your lifestyle has been impacted by multiple sclerosis. Know we are here to help you and your caregivers as you manage your health condition. Our Neurology Center of Excellence is a core group of trained individuals offering you personalized care, access to your medications, clinical and educational support, along with financial help to assist you in covering the cost of your medicine.

Those with MS who take an active role in their health journey are the healthiest.

Take the time to care for yourself. To continue learning more about ways to manage MS please read more here or contact us at www.amberpharmacy.com and we’ll join that journey with you.

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