Each Amber Pharmacy patient is assigned a dedicated healthcare team. Your team consists of highly experienced professionals who provide support for your clinical, physical, financial, educational and emotional needs.


Your pharmacist reviews the medications you are taking, checks for any drug interactions, provides counseling and support, helps manage side effects and answers any questions you may have.

Enrollment Specialist

Your enrollment specialist helps you get started, checks your insurance, explains your out-of-pocket costs and sets up your first delivery.

Care Coordinator

Your care coordinator will call you to schedule deliveries before your supply runs out and to make sure your medications arrive on time. He or she will also help with any questions you may have.

Benefits Coordinator

Your billing coordinator conducts a review of your insurance to make certain you receive the most from your benefits. He or she also researches and helps you enroll in co-pay and discount voucher programs.


Nursing services, such as first-time injection training, are available as needed.


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